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The 5 Most Expensive NFTs Ever Sold

#1. Everyday: The First 5000 Days – $69.3 million

Image Credit: Beeple

Everydays: The First 5000 Days is a virtual artwork which is created by American graphic designer Mike Winkelmann, He is also famous as ”Beeple”. This NFT was bought for $69.3 million in February 2021, By Metakovan. He bought this in an NFT auction sale at Christie’s.

In this NFT, Beeple includes 5000 earlier artworks since 2007. Beeple used to upload new images to Instagram feeds every day for 13 years. His “everydays” artwork portions are regularly set in post-apocalyptic landscapes, and typically have few relations to current information or pop culture. This NFT collage may be taken into consideration as an illustration of Beeple’s improvement as a digital artist.

#2. Clock – $52.7 million

The Clock features a dynamic timer that counts down the number of days WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has spent in prison.  He’s going through extradition from Britain to the United States for more than one espionage charge and as much as 175 years in prison.  

The NFT became curated via way of means of the digital artist Pak and Assange himself to aid his legal bills. It became auctioned for 16,953 ETH in February 2022 to AssangeDAO, This DAO (decentralized organization) was established to crowdfund the NFT sale. Apart from the ETH they used to collect Clock, AssangeDAO still holds 17,422 ETH they to start with raised to purchase the NFT.

#3. HUMAN ONE – $28.9 million

HUMAN ONE is the first physical artwork that is record-Breaking NFT by Beeple. In November 2021,  It turned auctioned at Christie’s for $28.9 million HUMAN ONE is a 3-D moving sculpture with four digital screens. It presents an endless video of an astronaut journeying thru locations at specific times of the day. The hybrid artwork displays Beeple’s creative aims past the digital realm.

#4. CryptoPunk #5822 – $23.7 million

As one of the first well-known NFT projects, those pixelated CryptoPunks retain to make the listing of the maximum costly NFTs ever offered. CryptoPunk #5822 become offered for 8,000 ETH in February 2022 to the CEO of a blockchain technology startup. What makes it more unique is that it’s additionally one of the 333 with a bandana. It comes from the rarest alien edition there’re handiest nine of them withinside the whole NFT collection.

#5. CryptoPunk #7523 – $11.75 million

The subsequent maximum treasured NFT comes from the CryptoPunk’s own circle of relatives as well. Before the #5822 sale, #7523 became the most expensive CryptoPunk ever sold in NFT history. CryptoPunk #7523 became auctioned at Sotheby’s for $ 11.75 million in the course of the COVID pandemic in June 2021. Not most effective it’s a part of the extraordinarily rare alien edition, however, it’s additionally the most effective mask-sporting alien, that’s what the consumer cherished approximately this precise CryptoPunk.



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