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Sony Has Shown Interest In the NFT Gaming

NFTs are trending and the leading companies in various fields are interested in NFTs. A Japanese multinational sporting company, Sony shows some interest in NFT gaining field.

Sony, in a patent published recently, indicates it is making plans to feature blockchain technology in video games withinside the future. That patent, which became filed with the aid of using the company back in 2021, especially lists a device and approach as a good way to track “virtual property,” and employs language normally related to blockchain-associated merchandise inclusive of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In relation to video video games, the patent’s description refers to the virtual property as in-sport objects inclusive of characters. Interestingly, it additionally lists virtual media that represents a sport, inclusive of a trailer or photo.

Sony interest in NFT

Sony writes “Changes to properties of the digital asset, such as ownership, visual appearance, or metadata, can be identified in a request to update the history,” Sony in addition writes. “A new block can be generated for, and appended to, the distributed ledger identifying the changes to the history of the digital asset.” Furthermore, the patent has discovered that virtual belongings may be tracked from moments of gameplay to in-recreation gadgets or characters. In NFT Games, the records may be tracked down from player to player, and Sony desires a comparable era to song the records from participant to participant. Sony writes withinside the patent that “there’s no manner to distinguish a selected example of an in-recreation object that a well-known participant of the online game used to win a well-known event from some other example of the in-recreation object.”

The patent provides that Sony will try and use precise gadgets which are someway associated with well-known personalities and celebrities due to the fact maximum human beings discover it very “meaningful” to very own any of the gadgets which are associated with their favored personalities or celebrities.



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